Taking charge of your life

Sometimes we find our self saying things that we regret latter on in our life. In the heat of the moment is when most of the things are said out of anger and frustration, stepping back and taking some time to think about what you are going to say could make the different between you being able to accepting the situation.

What are you saying? Are your words good or bad, Positive or negative, happy or sad? The words from your mouth are they leading to failure or success. Do you ever wonder how you got into that mess? All these contribute to accepting the situation.

You are in charge of the words that you speak. Will you be strong, or will you be weak? Do you speak words of sickness, or words of health? Do you speak of poverty, or are your words of wealth? Speaking over your situation is a great way to dissolve any situation.

What you say each day is what comes to pass in your life.

Motivational speaker/author Carl Mathis http://ww.carlmathis.com
Author of "Life is what you make it - seven steps to moving forward" Available now at Amazon and wherever books are sold..


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