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BOOK REVIEW: LIFE is What You Make It...
seven steps to moving forward

Author: Carl Mathis — Reviewed by Anita Finley

Carl Mathis writes about the dramatic change he experienced when suddenly his wife died. He said that he waited a long time hoping someone would come to his assistance but that didn’t really happen. And it was at that defining moment that he found out that life is what you make it, and that another cannot make your life for you. There is so much motivation on the pages of this small, but powerful book, that it requires re-reading to absorb the excellent messages. One of his chapters, “Accept the Situation” probably affects each and ever y one of us at some time of our life. Mathis continually reassures us that we have the ability to achieve anything we want or need. One should ask if hanging on to negative past events makes everyone feel better or worse?

We all know the answer, it’s just how to accomplish being positive and not letting the negativity that surrounds us interfere. To prove Mathis’ point, throughout the chapters, there are biblical references that match what the paragraphs have inferred. It’s all put together very nicely. Taking responsibility for who you are and what you do is probably the most important task of your being. Because the author is a minister, it is easy to understand why so much sounds like listening to a Sunday morning sermon. In our time where technology keeps us unfocused, between cell phones, I-phones, Blackberries, computers, Blue Ray Video, TV, and ever so much more” noise,” the author says that in order to make the right decisions, one must stay focused. “If you ever want to make your dreams come true, you need focus to play a big role in your life. Don’t give up and fall short t of your goal!” He also discusses how time is so valuable and it is important to use it wisely. We all know that but how do we stay focused to do that? Stay focused!

After reading Mathis’ book, I felt that his chapter, “Condition Your Mind,” says it all. It begins with “the mind is the seat of perception, self-consciousness, thinking, believing, remembering, hoping, desiring, wiling, judging, analyzing, evaluating, and reasoning. To accomplish success requires that you change your mind— get away from selfish and negative thinking, which are par t of human nature.” This is an excellent book to read if you need motivation for anything: weight loss, smoking, any addictions, but as a general “good feeling” book. There are so many excellent messages throughout the chapters. And the best par t, it is such easy and fast reading! About the author: Carl Mathis is a minister who devotes his life with a passion for helping all people who are in need of help. He is also the single parent of three boys.

Carl hopes that LIFE is What You Make It will be an encouragement for all people who have experienced any type of situation similar to his own. He strongly believes that nothing is impossible to achieve once you put your mind to it. His dedication of his book is to his wife, Dale Averill Delaney Mathis, “who died before I could get an opportunity to put pen to paper” and to his three sons: Jaron, Carl Jr. and Torrey.

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