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The line that separates eternally from carnality is called having a good name, or better yet, a good reputation. I started to wonder what would be spoken about me if I let this situation diminish my life. Was I worthy of having my name mentioning forever and ever? Did I want my name to be spoken with a good and positive attitude, even after the Lord called me home? If not, then I was not going to achieve success in my situation. But I certainly did not want anything negative to be said about me, especially when I had three boys to take care of. This was a vital point in taking control of my situation. A good name would transient my ability to achieve the unattainably.

Is your name worthy to be spoken around good company?

A question you must ask yourself.

Motivation speaker/author Carl Mathis
Author of "life is what you make it - seven steps to moving forward'
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Faith and fear, what a combination, they are like oil and water, they will never agree on anything. Faith goes forward, but fear move backwards. While fear makes you timid, faith makes you believe. These two are like freedom and bondage, victory and disaster. They will always battle against each other. This brings us to good and evil, God and the devil. They will never roam in the same environment, because they have different views. While God deal with integrity and the quality of life, the devil focus is on lust and temptations.

The spirit and the flesh battling for control of the human body, which one win is up to you, which one is greater in your life, faith or fear? Some people say I have faith, but on the other hand they are afraid to attempt such a huge task. Choose FAITH.

Motivation speaker/author Carl Mathis
Author of "Life is what you make it - seven steps to moving forward"
Available at Amazon and wherever books are sold

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It was an early Sunday morning, just finish taking a shower and preparing for Sunday worship. As I began to get dress for Church, I realized that there are many things about my self that I’m not satisfied with, and yet still so many things that were threatening my soul.

I begin to reminisce and said, what would make someone envy me and want to be like me, could they travel the path and the road? Could they light keep shining in a dark hole? If they only knew how far I have come, they have no idea what lies ahead of me, and they surly don’t know how sometime I get dissatisfied with my self. So, I begin to ask myself, why someone would want to wear my garment.

People don’t know the troubles that you’ve had, and the price you had to pay to get where you are. They don’t comprehend the scripture that said, “much is given much is require” for to know a person is to tread their path. However, all they want to do is where your garment and look like you.

When you ware your garment for a while…


I send a message for prayer.

I called on you prayer, but you did not respond. Why not? I am in distress and need you very much. I would be grateful if you could come to my rescue. Prayer is your name isn't it; prayer is what you do, right. When I call for you, you suppose to come and fulfill my request. That's how it supposes to work. However, you are ignoring me, why? Prayer, do you really work.

Prayer responded

I am busy and cannot come at this moment. My time is precious and important, so what do you need from me anyway. Remember last year when you needed me for peace in your mind, did you get it? Yes. And when you needed me to help your son out from trouble in the streets and gangs, did I come true? Yes. How about when you ask me to provided food for your family, did I make your day? Yes. So why are you asking me if I really work. If I work last year, don't you think I would work this year also? However, I will tell you why you think that way about me now. If you want …

7 life lessons to use to turn your situation of being the victim to the victor.

Learning from the adversities that we face in life, and allowing God to birth His purposes in us, is proof that the victory is truly ours. As is the case in "LIFE is What You Make It: seven steps to moving forward" where new author, Carl Mathis spells out 7 life lessons that God taught him to use to turn his situation of being the victim to the victor.

Carl Mathis' life took an unsuspecting turn, when the death of his wife, leaving him to raise 2 sons on his own, left him devastated and looking for someone or something to rescue him. Grieving, stressed and in disbelief of his present situation, Carl Mathis had to come to grips with his new reality and through prayer, God gave him the will and steps to move forward.

Mr. Mathis does a fine job in detailing the steps that he used to get his life back on track; steps that the reader will be able to apply to their own life. The applications of these biblical truths are key and Mr. Mathis backs up his theories with a wealth of…