Do You Know How To Live a Powerful Life ?

Do you ever feel like you’re living a life far from the one you dreamed 
of for yourself? Does it feel like you’re losing an uphill battle? Do 
you look around and think, “everyone else has a better life than mine?”

You’re not alone.

Each day, millions of people live a life filled with regret, 
disappointment and setbacks.

You don’t have to be one of them when you discover the secret to a 
powerful life.

Contemplating the power of God is something that can benefit all 
believers. When we meditate on the fact that God is all powerful, we are 
reassured that he is in control and that we don’t have to be. When we 
realize we don’t have to be, this frees our mind, heart and spirt to 
receive. Receive creative ideas, inspiration and wisdom  which helps us 
to overcome a life of regret.

There is no real power without spiritual power that comes from God. A 
power that comes from deep within. A power that's connected to 
everything and everyone. When you sense this power dwelling inside you, 
your life br…

Praying Through Difficult Choices

Making decisions can be difficult. Often there is a lot at risk. Our choices have the power to change our lives for the better-or for the worse. Making a choice certainly means taking a risk. We may fear not succeeding, undergoing displeasure from family or friends, or being eventually frustrated by our choice.
Many people have never been shown how to make prayerful decisions, especially decisions about their career or vocation. When we are unsure what criteria to use in selecting a career, we may look primarily at material factors like compensation, or ultimately make choices based on our instinct or feelings about the possibilities. We may know that there are other factors we should consider, but are unsure what they are.
To further confuse the situation, we may also wonder, "Isn't finding my purpose a mysterious spiritual process instead of a logical process? Could it really be a calling if it is something I have decided to do instead something to which God has directed?&…

Living Your True Purpose

LivingYour True Purpose

While the average lifespan differs for each country, one thing is certain: we have around/more than 20000 days to spend on this planet, days that we can use to make a mark on our society and planet. However, how can you find your true purpose and leave something meaningful for years to come? Here you have a few great ideas that you to keep in mind.
Writedown your interests and values
A good way to start this process is to write down what interests you the most and then you need to write down your values. You should not rush. Instead, you have to contemplate and understand your beliefs and interests to the best of your capabilities.
Thinkabout how you want people to remember you
Do you want to be remembered for the great father/mother you were? Or maybe you want be remembered as an entrepreneur? Once you identify this, you will be able to find your true purpose. From here onward, you will have to work as hard as you can to make that purpose a reality.
Listento your he…

Do People Really Have Angels Assigned To Them?

It is said that angels are real and living among us. The question is: What do you believe? Is it possible that the same person that you passed almost every day on the street corner asking you for a dime or a quarter is an angel? Is it possible that your seventh grade teacher, who always seemed to touch your heart whenever she spoke, is an angel? How about when you were feeling not so good, and when you prayed, you felt something come and touch you gently, was that an angel?
In order for God to work between the seen world and the unseen world, angels are the bridge that works between both worlds. In other words, angels are Heavenly beings sent by God to convey His message.
This might be a hard fetch for some, but the truth of the matter is, in scriptures, angels are said to be guardians sent by God to watch over the human race, to deliver His message, to guard and protect us from danger, and to do battle with other spiritual beings on our behalf. They are primarily spiritual beings cre…

Finding Time for God: Tips for Busy Mom

Taking on the role of being a mom means making a lot of sacrifices and changes in your life. Your fancy cars will be traded in for mini-vans or family utility vehicles. Your social lives will go from dinners and cocktails with girlfriends to PTA meetings and soccer games. The most important change of all is realizing that you have lost most of the time you once
had to yourself and devoting your daily hours to caring for your family. When you’re a mom juggling several tasks daily, one thing that easily goes out the window is your devotion to God; spending time to pray or just talk to Him. The sad thing is, we never wanted to push our relationship with God to the side in view of our families, but somehow this is what happens. So what do you when you feel like you’re pulling away from God and want to rekindle that relationship with Him? Here are a few tips busy moms like you can follow to nurture your spiritual life. Ask for Help Begin your journey to reviving your spiritual life by turning…

Attitude: The Greatest Moral Character.

What is moral character? Do we need moral character to live a good and prosperous life? Moral character is a set of qualities that make somebody or something distinctive, especially somebody’s qualities of mind and feeling. It’s innate qualities that make somebody or something interesting, or attractive. When you are seeking to achieve, what you do and say, or how you display your appearance is a great part of your accomplishment. This is your public reputation that is on display to others and it will be judged by others. This will determine your intentions, and how people will judge you. The greatest character of them all is called Attitude. The right attitude will draw the right people to you. Let’s look at an attitude that is poor in spirit. Poor in spirit simply means to realize that nothing you have is more important than achieving your set goal. Knowing this, your attitude should be willing to part with anything you have if it hinders you from receiving. This is why, even Jesus …

Spiritual Leadership

Of all the occupation, a “Leader” lives with the greatest tensions between being a servant and a leader. Jesus poses a dilemma for us when he says, “whosoever will be great among you let him by your minister, and whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant’ (Matthew 20:26-27) As we look at this dilemma Jesus posses, this indicates that for one to get further or productive, he/she must first give. Or another way for saying this is, to be a leader you must follow. On one side of the self contradictory statement is our image of a leader, a person with power, having the ability to inspire enthusiasms, interest in others by means of personal influence, and impressive achievement. The trouble begins when we try to reconcile that image with our thoughts about what a servant should be – ready to submit to others, modest and reserved, not praised and honored. Trying as we might, human efforts to combine these qualities into the role of the servant-leader fail us.
According to E.F…