We sometimes choose to hang onto things in our life that are not helping us at all—the things that at some point have hurt us, angered us, made us feel sad, or depressed us.

Its funny how we so intending on not letting go of the bad memories and those discomforts in our past is be on my comprehension, what I can say is, holding on to misery is very bad for your health, and is hindering your forward movement.

We really don’t know the extent of the damage that could cause from trying to keep what not good for your well been, it could reach where it can cause serious health problem for you body. The body functions are very delicate and work according to the feeling that is generated from how the mind thinks.

When we choose to hang on to a bad situation, we never move forward, and we even create physical or medical damage to our bodies. To prevent this from happening, we need to let go.

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