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Living a peaceful life is what everybody wants out of life. Many people spend most of there time trying get a little peace in their mind. Worry free, stress free and able to do and go when and wherever you want to is not bad at all, but just the fact that your mind is clear of any turmoil and confusion could be called a peaceful life.

There is a way to obtain such a creator without spending half of your life trying to get it. In Romans 12:18 of the Amplified Bible, the author writes, If possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

Finding peace comes from with in you, and how you react to the everyday situations that you cannot stop from happening. You cannot get away from life’s ups and downs, they will occur, but when they do occur, the defining moment to decide your peaceful life is at hand.

We all were created different with different ability and attitudes etc. So, we will have disagreements and conflicts with each other from time to time, handling the situ…


Every human contains a triplex in its nature, the Body, the Soul and the Spirit. The body, or the outer part of a human, is what been used to demonstrate the actions of what’s going on inside of the body. In other words, the body is the part of the human that covers the real source of what life is all about.

In fact, everything in this world has a body. A vehicle has a body, a building has a body, writing or reading has a body, from music to even liquid has a body. So as we see it, not only humans but objects and things have a body also. But to live spiritually will take more than just the body because the body has no connection that links toward God.

Then there is the soul. Not everything has a soul. The soul is placed above, and is independent of all infirmities of the body. For example, a sick person showing signs of weakness is due to the hindrances that interpose themselves between his soul and his body.

Concerning the soul, after its separation from the body, it will continue to…

Is There Really a God Or is it All Baloney?

Is there really a God, or this whole talk about a higher power, or a supreme being all baloney? Imagine that you get on your knees and talk into the air. This is called praying to the person call God; however, you cannot see Him. The Bible itself says that no one has ever seen God at anytime. So what makes a person do such things for a God that they cannot see?

Some people say that they could feel His presence and even smell His aroma when He is around them. But still, I wonder if that sweet smelling Savior or the Ointment that runs down Aaron's beard is what they are talking about. I am curious to know, what does God smell like and how does His presence feel like. So the question is, is there really a God?

Many have confessed that God did this and God did that for them, and how He changed their life around, but yet they could not here Him speak a word. How could that be? Did He transform Himself into a human and perform helpful tasks for people, so how could they say God did it. …


This may sound strange to some people, but your mind plays a very big part to the supernatural occurrence. Do you not know that if a person is completely healed, but their mind tells them that it’s not so, their psychical body will not perform accordingly, that is because every part of their body takes orders from their mind.

This works in any form of categorical subject, that whatever you convince your mind to believe will occur. This is why Christians were specifically commanded to change their thinking and realize that the way that they thinking is not of God but of the world.

Remember that we were born in sin and shape in iniquity. In other words, our minds would have been lost and have no way of focusing on anything that is correct or according to the word of God. But then Jesus came and provides the Spirit of a sound mind, which enables us to rely and stand firm on what God said through His word.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a …


Out of control is a dangerous road to travel, and it’s not a category that any individual should want to get themselves involved in. out of control is like a bad case of rash that you are trying to get rid of and cannot. Out of control gets into your mind and pushes you to do things that you eventually would be sorry for doing later on. This thing called out of control separates the stable-minded person from the influential by every situation or circumstance. If out of control is knocking at your door, please do not open it, because you might not like what will happen. Let him knock all he wants, when he gets tired of knocking, he will leave. But you don’t open that door.

James 4:7 “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (KJV)

Many areas could be potentially infected with a person getting the out of control disease. If you allow this disease to infect you, it will control you. This disease breaks up relationships and separates mothers from the…


Fasting can be described as abstaining from food, or some types of food, especially as an act of religious observance. Fasting is an area where you would need to develop discipline and controlled to be accurate and effective. Your mind has to be spiritually conditioned to conduct an effective fast. You must pray when fasting. They both work hand and hand.

(Matthew 6:16) – “When you go without food so you can pray better, do not be as those who pretend to be someone they are not. They make themselves look sad so people will see they are going without food. For sure, I tell you, they have all the reward they are going to get.” (NLV)

Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights. This brings Him into a place that when He is weak that’s when He is strong. The outer appearance shouldn’t resemble the inner appearance. The evil one observed the outer physical appearance of Jesus, which resembled hunger, but this was not a sign that the spiritual man was weak. While the adversary/devil tempted…


Isn’t it very interesting that we were not given the spirit of fear, however, we still insist in adopting this character in our life. If reality shows his presence, then we will understand that we all were born with a sound mind, with no fear insight. Where did this thing call fear come from, and why is it lingering in our mind so much?

Fear is only a fake emotion that appeared to be real. Look at this.

A young baby comes out from his/her mother’s womb and signals that he or she in okay by making a crying loud noise. This pattern continued whenever a need is presence.

Then as he or she begins to grow, they crawl and crawl on the floor with no fear at all. Then they try to stand up and walk, even after many times of falling they still try.

Looking at this picture, where is the fear that we are trying to hold on to so badly came from, and how could we get read of it? The unpleasant feeling of anxiety or apprehension caused by the presence or anticipation of danger was not in your ori…