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The Ability to Equip the Church begins with Prayer and Ministry.

In the life of a believer in Christ, a special task has been set-aside for you, although it could be more than one particular task. But the question is how you work that task. The ability to equip the church depends on you working your task.

When you receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, you automatically gain power, “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you” (Acts 1:8) that power is the ability which would enable you to work that task.

However, many have misunderstood that power, with the result of the church being lack in certain areas. That power is the birth of your ministry and the planting of a seed in a renewed garden, and the way how that seed get to grow and blossom into your ministry is through your pray.

Because the seed you have received is not the spirit of the world, but the spirit, which is of God, you must connect with God, the giver of the seed, and the way that you connect with God is of course through pray, this is that you would know th…

If God is for you who can be against you?

If God is for you who can be against you?

If you really want to see God move in you life, start feeling appreciated for the things you have and having faith for the things you need to survive, for God know what you need. But He moves for the things that we believe for through our faith in Him. The kind of faith that you know He will reward you when you call on Him and it shall be done. Take you problem to Him in faith and He shall reward you.

There must come a time when you have to realized that you have to go to God in an intensify mode and stop holding back and cry out for the things you need as if your life depends on it, as you know it is. What do you have to lose, you in a win win situation. God is just waiting patiently for you to turn all you problems over to Him. So what are you waiting for.?

Carl Mathis author of Life is what you make it - seven Steps to Moving Forward.

Task Oriented: How to Get Where You Want to End Up

Getting result is the main goal to achieving success in anything you pursuing. Result comes from being organized and task oriented in your planning. To give a valid explanation in the views of how this works; the life of Jesus is a perfect example.

When Jesus calls for disciples, He ensures that they are teachable and most of all task oriented. People who are ever learning and always achieving are most likely task oriented people.

For example, fisher-men are well organized in there task. When they go out in the morning, what they catch is what they depend on for survival, so intern they would envision a task that requires them to accept responsible for getting result by doing the right thing.

Responsibility: Jesus calls two people, Simon and Andrew to become “fisher of men” because it leaves no doubt about their responsibility to achieve result and be accountable. This is exemplifying of what Jesus Himself was involve in, His own discipleship. He was given a task by His Father…

I Need to Work on Myself

Problems are everywhere: from the time you open your eyes in the morning and turn on the TV, all you here about are problems. No person is exempt, we all have problems. However, with problems comes difficult people, and in most case the difficult one is you.

 Are you difficult to deal with because you help others hoping to be
 Do you have a black book on people who did you wrong and should not get away with it?
 Are you always looking down and blaming yourself to get recognition?

According to the Bible, Colossians 3:5 tells us to mortify those negative things that are in you. In other words put to death the old you, and change your clothes. When you come from doing your tours, you clean yourself up, take off your dirty clothes and put new clothing, right? When you purchase a new outfit, do you put them on over the old ones, no; you first have to take the old one off before you put the new one on, Right?

Sometimes we put a blind eye on this important princ…