Out of control is a dangerous road to travel, and it’s not a category that any individual should want to get themselves involved in. out of control is like a bad case of rash that you are trying to get rid of and cannot. Out of control gets into your mind and pushes you to do things that you eventually would be sorry for doing later on. This thing called out of control separates the stable-minded person from the influential by every situation or circumstance. If out of control is knocking at your door, please do not open it, because you might not like what will happen. Let him knock all he wants, when he gets tired of knocking, he will leave. But you don’t open that door.

James 4:7 “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (KJV)

Many areas could be potentially infected with a person getting the out of control disease. If you allow this disease to infect you, it will control you. This disease breaks up relationships and separates mothers from their children. Out of control isolates you and makes you ashamed because of your action. What is out of control? Is this a person or a thing? Is this a circumstance that just happens, or does it come whenever a situation shows its ugly face?

For example, when you get upset for a small incident, such as, when your blood pressure rises because another driver cuts you off on the road, saying and doing things, which makes you look like a foolish person.

How about payback, revenge, or the, I going to get you back spirit, How about this one, I don’t like you because. And still there are many more. These are out of control actions and needs to be attended to.

Be wise in what you do and say.

Motivation Speaker/author Carl Mathis."LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT- Seven steps to moving forward.


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