Living a peaceful life is what everybody wants out of life. Many people spend most of there time trying get a little peace in their mind. Worry free, stress free and able to do and go when and wherever you want to is not bad at all, but just the fact that your mind is clear of any turmoil and confusion could be called a peaceful life.

There is a way to obtain such a creator without spending half of your life trying to get it. In Romans 12:18 of the Amplified Bible, the author writes, If possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

Finding peace comes from with in you, and how you react to the everyday situations that you cannot stop from happening. You cannot get away from life’s ups and downs, they will occur, but when they do occur, the defining moment to decide your peaceful life is at hand.

We all were created different with different ability and attitudes etc. So, we will have disagreements and conflicts with each other from time to time, handling the situation is what create the atmosphere for a peaceful life.

Let’s say you and a coworker got into a battle about who should take the lead in the meeting. Both are insisted that they be the one to lead. Here is where the scale tips. Are you man enough to say, you go ahead and take the lead, I will go after you?

To make peace, you must decrease and humble. Not too many are willing to follow that pattern, everybody wants to be the one in charge. But there must be someone who is willing to step back and allow the other person to take charge. It’s call making peace.

To live a peaceful life you must be willing to find a solution for the problem without you being the one that gets the glory.

To live a peaceful life you must be willing to reconcile if it means saying you are wrong when you are right, just to resolve the conflict.

To live a peaceful life you must be willing to yield the right away to the other person for argument sake.

Don’t let any situation cause you and another to engage in conflict over a situation that could resolve with just reasoning. The object here is to resolve.

Think about it in this sense, everything that you do, do it as on to the LORD, so that way your mind is clear of any hinderer’s situation, and that’s the key to living a peaceful life.

Motivation speaker/author Carl Mathis, author of the book “Life is what you make it – seven steps to moving forward. For more insight go to


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