Is There Really a God Or is it All Baloney?

Is there really a God, or this whole talk about a higher power, or a supreme being all baloney? Imagine that you get on your knees and talk into the air. This is called praying to the person call God; however, you cannot see Him. The Bible itself says that no one has ever seen God at anytime. So what makes a person do such things for a God that they cannot see?

Some people say that they could feel His presence and even smell His aroma when He is around them. But still, I wonder if that sweet smelling Savior or the Ointment that runs down Aaron's beard is what they are talking about. I am curious to know, what does God smell like and how does His presence feel like. So the question is, is there really a God?

Many have confessed that God did this and God did that for them, and how He changed their life around, but yet they could not here Him speak a word. How could that be? Did He transform Himself into a human and perform helpful tasks for people, so how could they say God did it. Is there really a God, that's a very good question?

If there were such a person call God, His thoughts would not be like ours, would it? His ways would not be like ours, could it? His comprehension of things would certainly not be in our range of thinking, I wonder why? If there were such a person called God, this person would have to know everything and see everything. He would have to be everywhere at the same time, and love every person in spite of the negative things that they do. He must have compassion and a willingness to help all people. Then He will be a GOD. That would mean He Is a Spirit; or, maybe that's how you get to know Him.

This article was written by Motivational Speaker Carl Mathis, author of "Life is What You Make It: Build a Better Life for You and Your Family". Carl teaches and encourages all people to strive for their best and don't give up on their dreams, and to let them know that in God, nothing is impossible. Through his teachings many would be set free from a life of disbelief and low self esteem. Learn how to develop your life through Biblical Scriptures at


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