Isn’t it very interesting that we were not given the spirit of fear, however, we still insist in adopting this character in our life. If reality shows his presence, then we will understand that we all were born with a sound mind, with no fear insight. Where did this thing call fear come from, and why is it lingering in our mind so much?

Fear is only a fake emotion that appeared to be real. Look at this.

A young baby comes out from his/her mother’s womb and signals that he or she in okay by making a crying loud noise. This pattern continued whenever a need is presence.

Then as he or she begins to grow, they crawl and crawl on the floor with no fear at all. Then they try to stand up and walk, even after many times of falling they still try.

Looking at this picture, where is the fear that we are trying to hold on to so badly came from, and how could we get read of it? The unpleasant feeling of anxiety or apprehension caused by the presence or anticipation of danger was not in your original structure. That concern about something that threatens to bring bad news or results to your life were never in the plans for your life. Worry and being afraid was not part of you.

To overcome fear, you must understand that everyone has two facts in there life, FAITH AND FEAR, which one you chouse to embrace in all up to you. But just remember that one of these was given to you and the other you adopt on your own.

By now you probably saying tell me how I get read of my fear. Well this is how, a three steps program. I call this the triple a program.

Analogy – Attitude and Actions.

How do you perceive life to be is your first attack against fear? The process of reasoning from a premise to a conclusion will let you know whether you believe and trust in faith, or you want to hang on to fear. Analyze and make a decision.

Then your attitude will reveal you decision. Do you have an arrogant or assertive manner, or a forward movement instead of a backward movement? Are you speaking what you want to do, or what you use to do?

Don’t give any time and action to maybe this will happened. Don’t lend an ear to suppose this don’t work out the way you want to. All these are attributes of the enemy.

How do you carry yourself when you walk out your house, is your head always up, or you looking down to the grown. Your attitude tells a lot.

Here is the gram daddy of them all, your actions. Saying something and doing something is not in the same interest when it comes to progress. To overcome fear you must act quickly and aggressively before fear realize what you are trying to accomplish. That way there is no time to concentrate on fear of failure.


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