There are three stages in the path to gain success. These stages are growth (growing), develop and mature. (Maturity)

The first of these stages is growth. If you evaluate and investigate all things that were made by God, they have one thing in common, they have to grow. From humans to plants and animals, all starts young (small) and eventually must grow. If for any reason any of these things are not growing, they are looked on as deformed or possible abnormal. As a result special care has to apply in attempt to get them back on track. So how do you grow?

It takes food for growth. Whether spiritual or natural, food is the main ingredient for growth. When it comes to success, the food that ignites your growth process is information and knowledge. Success is not obtainable without good information. So you must put your self in right place at the right time. Go to the right function, and read the right book. Associate your self with knowledgeable and will educated people in reference to what you seeking after.

You want to eat as much information as possible. Eat until you are filled. If you neglect to eat the information you will never grow, and if you don’t grow, you will stay in the same place, as a result you will never see the end of success road.

Then there is develop, which means to change and become larger, stronger, or more impressive, successful, or advanced. To develop, you must expand and enlarge your growth. Don’t settle; seek for more and more information. To develop you must practice. Practice make perfect. You must study and research about you goal and dreams.

Having a mind of excellence and putting it into action will take developing your craft. What would happen if a ten year old girl body stays the same but yet she continued to get older? You would look at her as if something is wrong due to under development.

Or what about a young boy who is playing spots for his school team, years past by and he is not devolved to met the demands of the team. Sooner or later he probable has to leave the team because he is under develop and cannot keep up with the rest of the team members, and to meet the challenge that the other teams might post.

After you obtain the information that you need towards you success, you develop it to its maximum capability. Information is only good when is develop, thus is useless. What is the point getting information and not developing it?

This is one of the most important things you must strive for when seeking success. Maturity, which means the state of being fully grown or developed especially mentally or emotionally.

An immature person would never obtain success, but if they do, it will never last. This is because with maturity comes responsibility and accountability. To gain maturity one must grow and develop. As we see all three are in twined with each other. However, when you are at the stage of maturity, you think and act different. You have a mind to do what it takes to fulfill your set goal.

The secret to all three procedures is change, to grow you must change, to develop you must change, to mature you must change. Change is the ultimate secret to passing all three stages, and the thing you must change is your thinking. Your mind must focus on what you’re trying to accomplish. Romans 12:2 said, “be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”

Motivational Author/speaker Carl Mathis


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