To many time we give up at the brink of success. All who triumph to their ultimate goals in life had to face adversity. When you about to mention those famous words, I quiet. This is an indication that success is right around the corner waiting to see what the next move you will take is.

Change: When change begins to occur in your life in a positive way, don’t fight against it, grab a hold of it and don’t let go. When change makes you fell uncomfortable, don’t run from it, run towards it. When change makes you weep because of what you have to let go off, wipe your eyes and look towards where you help comes from. Towards God, because if He allows this change to occur in your life, is because He is getting ready to bless you in a mighty way. That means that success is coming in your direction.

Difficulties: It’s so unfortunate that this is where most of the mistake has been made when it comes to succeeding in life. Do you not know that hard times and difficulties only come to prepare us for success?

Just imagine that you have been pursing you dreams for a long time, you have been focusing and moving forward with no hindrances. All of a curtain when you are about to get your lucky brake, here come all sorts of negativity and turmoil begin to happen, trying to throw you off from you God given success.

Remember this, the closer you get towards your victory in life success, the more intense and more difficult it will get for you, however, this is where you have to be strong and intensify your faith and believe that He who begins a good work is faithful to finish it.

Affliction: When we are afflicted, we have the mentality of always begging and pleading for God to remove our affliction. Of course not all affliction was meant for the purpose of success in your life, however, what the enemy meant for evil, God will use for good. If for any unfortunate reason you are afflicted in any area in your life, use that affliction to drive you into a higher way of thinking.

The enemy’s greatest attack goes towards those that God is getting ready to bless. So how do you know when success is getting ready to happened, when you are right at the point of getting ready to throw in the towel of defeat.

Hold on just a little while longer and let God bless you tremendously. God Bless you.


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