Decision is primarily making- up your mind about something you conceder doing. Choosing the correct choice is your ultimate goal. Right? Well this is how you will get result.

Never make a decision under pressure. Allow yourself to have clear and define understand of what you about to do or say. Take a moment to relax and mediate, and you will see the bigger picture.

Never make a decision when you are in pain. As to the heat of the moment. For example, spousal disagreements, family feud, friends argument. Etc. When decisions are made out of your frustration and anger, it tend to be the wrong one, and end-up causing more harm that good.

Never make a decision to get revenged. Some may not believe this but good always prevail over evil. And when it does, you want to be in a good position to reap what you so. What you want to is commit to the LORD GOD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. (Proverbs 16:1 NIV)

When making a decision, you want to think ahead, in the future, in other words what going to occur down the road, months and years after you made that decision. Think for tomorrow and not for today.

Think about what you want to be or trying to become. Then make that decision gearing towards your future goal and desire, and not what going on in your life at that present moment.

If you follow this simple steps, I believe you will make a good decision in what ever you pursuing. However, remember that the “Lord made everything for his own purposes.” ( Proverbs 16:4 NIV)

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