As long as you keep a mind to win, there will always be someone trying to get through the back door of your potential, trying to pollute your mind with a blockage of negativity. When they took their best short, analyze the damage and move on. Remain firm and faithful to the obedience of your calling that you have answer to pick up this book in the first place. Remember the purpose you are pushing and the desire of your heart. Push towards your dreams despite any little setback that may occur. Continue to follow the guideline that God place in your heart. If it is one thing I could tell you is, remain obedient to your purpose.

Whatever you do, please don’t entertain the spirit of depression and denial. Avoid the wasted time and days of self pity. You would be surprise what could be done with the memories of a bad experience. But if they can quickly get a hold of, you could avoid many mistakes with quick thinking and a solid effort, rather than having a pity party and singing a sad song.

Stand firm and face the music with whatever you have left after you made the mistake. Make the best decision with what choices you have and keep on living. Chances are the little set back is just an opportunity for God to open a greater door for you. If we just take it as learning experiences, it will help us in the future that we will not go through the same experience again.


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