Traveling the road of purpose in a challenging world will yield ups and downs’; having a mind to win is a decision only purpose minded people are made off. In this walk to accomplishment such decision has to be made. Sometimes we don’t understand the important of making such a decision to win. But who you are or what you accomplish is the result of the decision you have made.
Decisions are like a chain reaction; once you win you will always want to be a winner. But if you allow yourself to be control be one bad decision, you will find yourself focusing on losing instead of wining. If you want to accomplish purpose, we must take control of what we decided to do, or someone else will do it for you.
Of course there are some major decisions that require some advice and maybe counseling, but the final decision has to be yours to be made. You don’t want to go around for the rest of life having someone always tell you what to do and what to say, you are not a yo yo, you must take charge of your life and make some decision. Use your God giving common sense and ability to figure out the right and correct choice. I know sometimes we need more than common sense, but “greater is He on the inside than he that is in the world”.
In everything that we do we need some kind of guidance to direct our path, in most case we look at the outcome to determine whether it’s more positive than negative, but not many really look at the proven method.
This time has been called the information age, we think that the more you have is the better chance to have to win, but the greater result will always come from good decision making and having a mind to win.
Information is good, but at the same time it could lead you down a road to destruction. How many times have you gain information on something and then find out it was not exactly correct at all, or it was not beneficial to what you were pursuing.
Many times we so forces on what we here rather than if it was a good source to rely on. We can be so focusing on to win while overlooking the value of the information. In this age and time we are losing the purpose to win and focusing on the wining is purpose. In other words, the information is there but the wisdom and knowledge which able us to use the information effectively and wisely has been lost.
So the question is how we can make good decision to win when you pursuing purpose. There is no perfect guideline to ensure consistently, but here are some foods for thoughts.

1: Take a look at the decision you about to make a decided whether its long term or short term, this will help you make a clearer choice.

2: Decisions that are made when you are emotional or upset will yield un-curtain result. Never make any decision while your feeling is not settled.

3: Good decision making comes from being around people who are wise and competent. Don’t get intimated by their expertise, learn from them.

4: Never make quick decision; take a look at all options before you decide. Wise cancelling is okay but pray for guidance and be good with your final decision.

5: If you going to fight to win make sure it’s worth the fight. It makes no sense fighting to the end to find out the price you paid to win don’t worth it.

6: Get the facts straight before you make any decision, if not you will create a crises instead of a solution.

7: Look at the result of all the option before you take any action.

8: Have an expectation to win but prepared for the loss. Never let your willingness to win surpasses your availability resources.

9: Watch your profit, if you putting out more than your return, than consider if this worth your time.

10: You will make mistakes; some may come against you, but have a committed mind to win.


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