I often wonder what makes a person take un necessary ricks like using their bills money on the racetrack or in casinos with the hope of winning some more money. If you going to take a chance with resource that you need, why not take a chance with the possibility of the outcome being the best? In other words, why not pay the bills first and then you could take a risk with what you have left so in case it doesn't go as you hope, your bills are already taken care of.
I am not saying that you should not take risk, but what I am saying is you should not risk everything every time, develop a sense of timing and saving so that when a good opportunity presents its self you  can take that calculated risk.   Remember the parable of the talent that Jesus tells in (Mathew 25:14-30)
Jesus tells a story about a master of the house who is leaving for a long trip to a foreign country. The master delegates the responsibility of managing his goods to three different servants. To the first he gave five talents, to the second he gave two talents and to the third he gave one talent. When the master returns home he calls all three servants to make account for his treasures.

The first servant probably gave him back ten talents instead of five because he doubles his money, so the master is pleased.

The second, likewise, produce four talents from the original two. The master is again please.

The third servant replies and says in an cowardly action, I was afraid and went and hid your talents in the ground

The master was various with the third servant because he took no risk with what the master entrusted him with, so he had no return.
Of course we should not be reckless or careless with the resources that are attached with our decision making. But we should not bury them in the ground because of fear, thinking that we will loss it all. Do your resource and have faith in your mission, you advisers and yourself, so you could take risks with confidence that it will produce a profit. 

Always remember that Life  is What You Make it 


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