According to science, the mind records data using mental image pictures. Such pictures are actually three-dimensional and contain color, sound, and smell, as well as other perceptions. They also include the conclusions or speculations of the individual. Mental image pictures are continuously made by the mind—moment by moment. This is a prime example that, even in the realm of science, the mind is the central part of the body and contains the information needed for life. This is why is so important to regulate and control your mind.

For example, Jesus Christ is symbolically the mind, or leader, of the church. Those who follow him are the body. Therefore, Christians’ entire lives should exemplify him and take direction from him, because the mind is what leads the body. Wherever the mind goes, the body has no choice but to follow. You want to first program your mind before you make an attempt to do anything. If you have to pray, then pray. If you have to repeat yourself until it programs your mind, then repeat yourself until it programs your mind. If you have to fast and meditate, then fast and meditate. Do whatever it takes to make your mind say, “Nothing will stop me from achieving my goal.”

If the mind does not receive any date, it would not operate. As funny as it may sound, it’s like a computer, you must insert information into it for it to run and operate.

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