So many people run away from the word commitment. I often wonder what makes this word seem so dangerous to some people. If they only knew how important and valuable this word is when you commit to the right thing or person, more and more people would choose to make a commitment.

In the words of Marcus Tullius Cicero (c. 106 ~ 43 BC) “What one has, one ought to use: and whatever he does, he should do it with all his might.” So the question is: Are you using your gifts and talents, and all of your God-given resources with all of your might? It is going to take this and more to withstand true commitment.

Let’s look at this.

Building life is just like structuring a building. You want to build it so it can stand from generation to generation, functioning and operating as normal. You want to build it so that when the wind and the rain come, it will never move from its position. For far too long, we have been given a picture of quick and fast, in and out, with no expectation of a solid future plan. So when we hear the word commitment, we go in the opposite direction. However, there comes a time when you have to stop running and commit to a certain thing or person.

This means to be stable in one place, unmovable, unshakable. Commitment will allow you to grow into your habitation.

Motivation speaker/author Carl Mathis
Author of "Life is what you make it - seven steps to moving forward.
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