I send a message for prayer.

I called on you prayer, but you did not respond. Why not? I am in distress and need you very much. I would be grateful if you could come to my rescue. Prayer is your name isn't it; prayer is what you do, right. When I call for you, you suppose to come and fulfill my request. That's how it supposes to work. However, you are ignoring me, why? Prayer, do you really work.

Prayer responded

I am busy and cannot come at this moment. My time is precious and important, so what do you need from me anyway. Remember last year when you needed me for peace in your mind, did you get it? Yes. And when you needed me to help your son out from trouble in the streets and gangs, did I come true? Yes. How about when you ask me to provided food for your family, did I make your day? Yes. So why are you asking me if I really work. If I work last year, don't you think I would work this year also? However, I will tell you why you think that way about me now. If you want me to come when you call, just like I did in the past, you need to duplicate the same thing that you did last year when you got me to come, and you would see what happens.

My reaction to prayer responds.

Last year when you came, I was a different person. Back then I was more focused on the things of God, and I was always in the spirit. I use to spend more time on my knees; I use to obey every word you say to me when I spoke to you in secret. I use to tell everybody about you, and encourage then to prayer. But now, I don't do those things any more, I am a little to busy for all the extra activity in my life. I am doing my own thing, and it's all about me trying to survive in this difficult world.

Prayer responded

If you are to busy for me, then I'm to busy for you. When you get your act together, I will still be here waiting for you, my job is to answer your every need. However, it comes with condition. My name is prayer, so to get to me you have to pray and pray and pray. I love it when you pray, it makes me happy and wanting to come to your ever rescue. However, with you condition, what you need to do is reevaluate your commitment before I pay any attention to you. And just to remind you one more time, yes, I do work.

My reaction to prayer responds.

I underestimate you, prayer, I though I could get over on you and don't have to do the things that I use to do to get you to come to my rescue. I was wrong and foolish to think you would come and help me, when I am not paying attention to you, but want you to pay attention to me. Okay prayer, I will go back to the drawing board. I know what I need to do to get back on track. I will meet you at the Alter.

Prayer responded

The same place, at the same time, on the same floor, with the same posture, I will be there waiting for you. I never leave this area. This is where I live and I am always home. All you have to do is come knocking, if for any reason I don't answer, knock a little harder, I am always home. And I am the type of person that who ever comes knocking, I will open the door and will listen to what they have to say, and then give them an answer, however, the answer will be suitable with according to the question. So when you get here just knock and let me know that you are here.

My reaction to prayer responds.

Okay, I am at the Alter. I need to let prayer knows that I am here. Here I go. O prayer (Lord), I ask for forgiveness for my disobedience. My selfish ways I don't want it no more. Help me to get back where I use to be last year, when I would call on you and you would come. Take all the things that preventing me from getting close to you away from me, once again, take it from me. I need you pray in my life, come back and be with me like you use to. I am not going to leave this Alter until I feel your presence indicating to me that you here my call for help.

Motivation speaker/author Carl Mathis
Author of, Life is what you make it - seven steps to moving forward
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