Your Calling: Finding that Passion again.

To value the potential wrapped up in your calling, will take seeing your ministry as a spiritual counterpart to an old-time country doctor. This qualify country doctor does he duties of delivering babies, saw children through their growing up years, give them preventative shots, cures their fevers, listened to their dreams, help them through puberty and pimples, taught them the facts of life, attend their weddings, deliver their children and then started the cycle again for the new generation.
However, he was often frustrated by his failures, underpaid by his patients, poorly equipped by technology and not especially viewed as an important professional by his peers in big city hospitals.
But as he live his life, he had the incredible joy of knowing he save Tim’s life, brought Margie and her baby through difficult labor, sat up all night as Granny changed worlds and prescribe healing medicine to make Jack feel better in a few days.
Your calling has a similar impact on caring out the mission; however, a calling has a much greater exhilaration than the country doctor. Un like the country doctor, the calling points people to Christ, enable others to make sense of life, preserve cracking marriages, teach faith to children, hold the hands of dying saints and share a holy partnership with Christ, The privileges and accomplishments are miraculous.
Finding that passion again may be an adolescent, illogical or even utopian return to what never was, something like your first puppy love for the girl next door, or a crush on your kindergarten teacher. On a more satisfying level, a rekindled realistic love for your ministry may be more like a long list of reason to be in love on a legal pad after being married for a decade or even half a century.
To find that passion again requires a return to the basic of ministry. The questions you must ask your self are:
Who called you?
Who started you in this work?
How does work leak out of ministry?
What will it take to make your passion your most compelling motivation
Has secular culture strangled significance out of Christian service for you?
You must never forget that your call is more than an honorable profession, a praiseworthy dedication or even a commendable way of life. Rather it is a tender, life giving relationship between the savior and a shepherd. A call to ministered starts and can accomplish incredible achievement beyond your wildest dreams because of such a personal relationship between God and the one who He called.
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  1. We all have a tendency to lose sight of our calling, placing our natural desires before God's divine intensions. For time to time, it is good to have a reminder to set us back on track, to help us focus on God's purpose, and to take our eyes off ourselves. Thanks for the reminder.


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