To Achieve Purpose in Life, Do What You Do Best

The great thing about life is that we all have natural talents. We only need to discover what they are and use them to the best of our capabilities. When you give time and energy to your natural talents, you will find that you reap extraordinary rewards.
Rejoicing in our natural talents should be an easy thing to do. But for countless people, it’s emotionally draining, because a lot of people fight their giftedness and natural talents for one reason or another. Perhaps their parents would disapprove of their creative talent to write or create art because they want them to be a prosperous doctor or lawyer. Maybe someone’s talent wouldn’t seem to have the ability to bring the kind of prosperity they aspire to have. At times people are just scared to pursue the purpose that seems to come so easily to them—they think success shouldn’t be easy.
These are all justifications. And all the justifications in the world won’t make natural talent go away. It will be there, a burning desire waiting for us to have faith and move through fear and doubts until we recognize what we should have been doing our whole lives. We have been given a purpose, through our natural talents and gifts for a reason—to use them to the advancement of the world and those who live in it.
Have you ever observed that when you participate in an activity in which you are naturally gifted, you feel invigorated, enthusiastic and positive? That’s an indication that these are the things you should be concentrating on—when you’re nearly buzzing all over, so happy you can barely stand still.
Your aim is to discover what makes you excited and begin to perfect it. Determine your talent in life and prepare. You must improve your natural abilities to perfect them—focus on your strong points, not your weaknesses. Look at the world’s best athletes, for example. They train what they’re naturally good at—and what they enjoy doing—every single day. They stick to what they do best and obtain astonishing rewards because of it.
There are only two phases to a life of purpose -- determine your talent and perfect it. Doing this will allow you to receive the fulfillment and contentment that you were meant to have.


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