Friday, August 23, 2013


Traveling the road of purpose in a challenging world will yield ups and downs’; having a mind to win is a decision only purpose minded people are made off. In this walk to accomplishment such decision has to be made. Sometimes we don’t understand the important of making such a decision to win. But who you are or what you accomplish is the result of the decision you have made.
Decisions are like a chain reaction; once you win you will always want to be a winner. But if you allow yourself to be control be one bad decision, you will find yourself focusing on losing instead of wining. If you want to accomplish purpose, we must take control of what we decided to do, or someone else will do it for you.
Of course there are some major decisions that require some advice and maybe counseling, but the final decision has to be yours to be made. You don’t want to go around for the rest of life having someone always tell you what to do and what to say, you are not a yo yo, you must take charge of your life and make some decision. Use your God giving common sense and ability to figure out the right and correct choice. I know sometimes we need more than common sense, but “greater is He on the inside than he that is in the world”.
In everything that we do we need some kind of guidance to direct our path, in most case we look at the outcome to determine whether it’s more positive than negative, but not many really look at the proven method.
This time has been called the information age, we think that the more you have is the better chance to have to win, but the greater result will always come from good decision making and having a mind to win.
Information is good, but at the same time it could lead you down a road to destruction. How many times have you gain information on something and then find out it was not exactly correct at all, or it was not beneficial to what you were pursuing.
Many times we so forces on what we here rather than if it was a good source to rely on. We can be so focusing on to win while overlooking the value of the information. In this age and time we are losing the purpose to win and focusing on the wining is purpose. In other words, the information is there but the wisdom and knowledge which able us to use the information effectively and wisely has been lost.
So the question is how we can make good decision to win when you pursuing purpose. There is no perfect guideline to ensure consistently, but here are some foods for thoughts.

1: Take a look at the decision you about to make a decided whether its long term or short term, this will help you make a clearer choice.

2: Decisions that are made when you are emotional or upset will yield un-curtain result. Never make any decision while your feeling is not settled.

3: Good decision making comes from being around people who are wise and competent. Don’t get intimated by their expertise, learn from them.

4: Never make quick decision; take a look at all options before you decide. Wise cancelling is okay but pray for guidance and be good with your final decision.

5: If you going to fight to win make sure it’s worth the fight. It makes no sense fighting to the end to find out the price you paid to win don’t worth it.

6: Get the facts straight before you make any decision, if not you will create a crises instead of a solution.

7: Look at the result of all the option before you take any action.

8: Have an expectation to win but prepared for the loss. Never let your willingness to win surpasses your availability resources.

9: Watch your profit, if you putting out more than your return, than consider if this worth your time.

10: You will make mistakes; some may come against you, but have a committed mind to win.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


The game of surviving in such quick and challenging times that we are living in is base on leaving the past behind you, and concentrating on the future. If you want to make winning decisions, you must learn to control those bad habits and make room for your purpose which will eventually take the place of the habits that is holding you from breaking that barrier into your mission for the future. If you keep reminding yourself of past occurrences and miss opportunities, you will never get to experience what the future have in store for you.  
If you intend to survive and sore to your greatest potential, you have to know that you will fail sometimes, so you have to leave room for a margin of error. This will allow you to know that you are not perfect, and when you survive, you will have a sense of who open the door to your opportunity. It also keeps you humble and knows the road that you travel to survive.
There is nothing worse than a successful person getting so arrogant that he forgets that it was God who blessed him with his abundant. We make our plans, but eventually God is the one who decide if we are going to succeed or fail according to His purpose and not ours.  As it said in Proverbs 27:1 “Do not boast about tomorrow, For you do not know what a day may bring forth”.(NKJV) 

It doesn't matter how good we think our decision, we must leave room for the Lord to work

We must also leave room for disappointments and unexpected occurrences, when you pursuing purpose, there is a great chance that you will be hurt by other people. So you want to leave room for the unknown. They are some people who might just deceived you in believing that they are trustworthy, maybe they begin sincerely, and then because of jealousy and greed, you might just see a side of them that would shock you. It’s usually the people we trust and love the most is the one who has the power to betray us. However, we must learn to deal with the hurt and pain without allowing it to derail us from our long term goals of true success. It you live long enough you will find out how devious and selfish the human heart is, but if this ever happens to you, don’t let it deterred you from pursuing your purpose. A little bruise, a little scare or a little hurt will eventually heal; get right back on track and finish the race.

“Now brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and cause them to be put to death.  And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end shall be saved” (Mark 13:12-13 NKJV)

We all will face failure, betrayal, and the temptation to give up on our dreams and settle for a lesser value than what the Lord set aside for us. But we must call on the Lord and thank Him for our many blessings and embrace his peace which surpasses anything we could imagine. Then we get right back on the road to our destination.

Carl Mathis: Author of “Life is What You Make it – Seven Steps to Moving Forward”

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Saturday, August 17, 2013


As long as you keep a mind to win, there will always be someone trying to get through the back door of your potential, trying to pollute your mind with a blockage of negativity. When they took their best short, analyze the damage and move on. Remain firm and faithful to the obedience of your calling that you have answer to pick up this book in the first place. Remember the purpose you are pushing and the desire of your heart. Push towards your dreams despite any little setback that may occur. Continue to follow the guideline that God place in your heart. If it is one thing I could tell you is, remain obedient to your purpose.

Whatever you do, please don’t entertain the spirit of depression and denial. Avoid the wasted time and days of self pity. You would be surprise what could be done with the memories of a bad experience. But if they can quickly get a hold of, you could avoid many mistakes with quick thinking and a solid effort, rather than having a pity party and singing a sad song.

Stand firm and face the music with whatever you have left after you made the mistake. Make the best decision with what choices you have and keep on living. Chances are the little set back is just an opportunity for God to open a greater door for you. If we just take it as learning experiences, it will help us in the future that we will not go through the same experience again.

Friday, August 16, 2013


I often wonder what makes a person take un necessary ricks like using their bills money on the racetrack or in casinos with the hope of winning some more money. If you going to take a chance with resource that you need, why not take a chance with the possibility of the outcome being the best? In other words, why not pay the bills first and then you could take a risk with what you have left so in case it doesn't go as you hope, your bills are already taken care of.
I am not saying that you should not take risk, but what I am saying is you should not risk everything every time, develop a sense of timing and saving so that when a good opportunity presents its self you  can take that calculated risk.   Remember the parable of the talent that Jesus tells in (Mathew 25:14-30)
Jesus tells a story about a master of the house who is leaving for a long trip to a foreign country. The master delegates the responsibility of managing his goods to three different servants. To the first he gave five talents, to the second he gave two talents and to the third he gave one talent. When the master returns home he calls all three servants to make account for his treasures.

The first servant probably gave him back ten talents instead of five because he doubles his money, so the master is pleased.

The second, likewise, produce four talents from the original two. The master is again please.

The third servant replies and says in an cowardly action, I was afraid and went and hid your talents in the ground

The master was various with the third servant because he took no risk with what the master entrusted him with, so he had no return.
Of course we should not be reckless or careless with the resources that are attached with our decision making. But we should not bury them in the ground because of fear, thinking that we will loss it all. Do your resource and have faith in your mission, you advisers and yourself, so you could take risks with confidence that it will produce a profit. 

Always remember that Life  is What You Make it