God’s Call is No Cemetery Duty.

God’s call is no cemetery duty.

* God's call energizes you and makes you alive.

* God's call assures the importance of your mission.

* God's call improves your moral character and helps you to be more in touch with Him than you
would have been.

* God's call energizes your vision and fuels you with a drive to do more.

God's call is a front row seat and gives newness to the task such as what regeneration of the soul does for the human. When you are called, God has a partnership with you that takes you to private places and to sorrowful and cheerful places. This is your lifetime ticket to represent Jesus at weddings, hospital waiting rooms, gravesides, baptisms, Holy Communion and life-shaping questions good people have reason to ask, such as "Where is God now?"

The call from God to do the work of the Lord supplies a driving force for work and at the same time it will empower commitment to revolutionize the world for Christ. God-inspired energy takes you to people who do not want you and empowers you to stay until they cannot get along without you. That's the call from God.

Carl Mathis is the author of Life is What You Make It - Seven Steps to Moving Forward. Visit Carl at http://www.carlmathis.com.


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