How difficult it is when those surrounding you have an attitude of a different outlook about the desire you have laid down for your life. Sometime you could dissolve the situation, but there are some situation you can not, like caring. If someone don’t have the drive for you purpose, they are in the wrong place. The will cause your relationship to fail; they will cause your business to have low productivity and you rhythm to be of key, due to their complaining and lack of motivation. These types of people are never satisfied.

There are many way that you tell if a person doesn’t share the same dreams and goals you have for your future. But the most effective one I believe is the visualization they have on their face when the subject is being discuses, this will tell a story if they are with you are not. The sparkle in their eyes and look of interest reveals it pane and simple. Saying I have the passion for this objective. It must be more that just the financial or the sexual intercourse in the marriage.

The hype and the passion for being involved together should be on both sides. You don’t need to be involved with just a pretender of love for a while. You should never cling to anyone who does not have the passion for the things you are attempting to accomplish together. “Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?” (Amos 3:3 NLT)

This reminds me of going to pick up my son from band practice from his school. As I look at how the whole team is matching to the sound of the instruments, in a synchronized method. So many of then, but they sound like only one. They were inwardly turned to the same goal and purpose. As a result the outwards revealed the oneness. Just imagine if one of them decided to do their own thing, them that would throw the rest of the members of key and break the rhythm. We must stay away from those type of people and seek those who sere the same interest and motivation, while they may be different in character, they are in tune to the same goal and purpose.

Carl Mathis author of "Life is what you make it - Seven steps to moving forward" go here now


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