I Need to Work on Myself

Problems are everywhere: from the time you open your eyes in the morning and turn on the TV, all you here about are problems. No person is exempt, we all have problems. However, with problems comes difficult people, and in most case the difficult one is you.

 Are you difficult to deal with because you help others hoping to be
 Do you have a black book on people who did you wrong and should not get away with it?
 Are you always looking down and blaming yourself to get recognition?

According to the Bible, Colossians 3:5 tells us to mortify those negative things that are in you. In other words put to death the old you, and change your clothes. When you come from doing your tours, you clean yourself up, take off your dirty clothes and put new clothing, right? When you purchase a new outfit, do you put them on over the old ones, no; you first have to take the old one off before you put the new one on, Right?

Sometimes we put a blind eye on this important principle; we try to put the new, over the old, making a combination of old and new in the same circle. However, you need to put on the new You, with compassion, love and kindness, clothed with a humble, forgiving and peaceful heart.

I believe that we all could use a new wardrobe, Outfits like:

• A big enough belt to hold us together in unity and love.
• New pants with the pocket full of tenderness.
• New shoes to walk those frustrations away.

I realize that we are not alike; we have different styles and taste. But diversity is good; it will take you out from your comfort zone and challenge you to be a better person, and to push you to a heighten standard in life.

Which outfit is missing for you, the belt of love, the pants with the pocket of tenderness, or the shoes to walk away frustration; perhaps you need the complete wardrobe?

Carl Mathis: author of Life is what you make it – Seven steps to moving forward. Overcoming the obstacles of losing a spouse, having to raise three successful boys on his own and manage to write three books, he never managed to find the time to make excuses. Through his triumph over personal troubles, he strives to not only inspire and uplift, but to encourage people worldwide to find their purpose and begin walking in it. For booking info or to find out more about Carl Mathis, visit http://www.carlmathis.com


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