For you to be able to move on towards your purpose, you must also know how to put aside those things that aren’t working for you. You have to keep on looking at your life to determine what is right in your life and what has to be shredded. God created you for a purpose, greatness is destined for your life. When making decisions, ask your self, how does the choice I am about to make affect the overall outcome of my purpose.

I have seen many people who were faced with this question, but neglected to ask them self, and those who did ask did not take heed to the answer. As a result, the people they associate them self with, dragged them down and hold them back from reaching the height point of their success. By not shredding the heavy load, you place your self in the category of causing hindrance instead of helping. This causes you to wreak ministry and cause damage to your life’s goal. In the end, there were lift with sadness and bitterness in their old age, when they could have been enjoying the fruits of their success. They pack them self with to much trash and neglected to empty it out. As a result they were unable to get to the finish line because they were caring to much load.

Anything negative that is preventing you from finding purpose needs to revaluate and consider shredding. What is consider negative, something that is not productive and is not helping your cause. It could be physical, mental, spiritual, natural, and even financial. Negative is negative and positive is positive. If is negative, shed it and let go of the excess baggage and move on.

Carl Mathis: author of Life is what you make it – Seven Steps to Moving Forward. For motivation/inspiration from Carl Mathis got to


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