Intercourse: you up for the challenge?

Woman: you are so beautiful and well sculptured by the hand of God, you beauty could almost hypnotize most men, God gave you honey for your spouse, and sugar to sweeten him when he is better, why would you rowing yourself by making your private place public? Why would you give away your precious ointment to someone who would not treasure it? Is there any amount of money worth your precious pearl?

Did you not know this pearl is a rear commodity that cannot be sold? Did your mother ever teach you to hold on to this pearl for the right moment? Did your father ever say to you, use force if it’s necessary to protect your pearl?

This is why God put a seal (bloodline) that separates life from life. Tampering with this seal will allow life to come out premature. So be very careful not to prematurely allow life to come out before it’s time.

In other words, having intercourse before the appropriate time will temper with God plans. Are you up for the challenge?

(Taken from the titled “Intercourse” release on December 2, 2011)

Carl Mathis, author of life is what you make it - Seven steps to moving forward.
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