When you are depressed and anxious, getting past such feelings of sadness isn’t easy. Once the mind is set on a particular thing, it’s not so easily persuaded to concentrate on more pleasant things.

Most people deal with their problems by relying on others for help and support. While other people are definitely important in emotional situations, the main thing is for you to learn how to deal with the situation in your own way. There are many situations that could trigger a bogged down, depressed mind. Grief from the death of a family member, guilt, regret, career and financial woes, and family problems are just some of the triggers that may create mind control.

In situations like these, it’s easy to lose your sense of self. However, you must also believe that you cannot stay in such a rut forever, and putting your life back together is something that you must want and you must initiate.

If you examine your life, you will find that some areas need more improvement than others. While some aspects of your life are stronger, some need a little fine-tuning. You will also see some things in your life that you did not know were there. When you examine your life, you get to know what you can and cannot do. Your life has negatives and positives, some things you want to take out and some you want to keep. In your life, you make mistakes and need a second chance; you do things contrary to what you normally do. You help people, but do not get help for yourself. Your life must have more positive aspects in it than negative ones.

However, in every life there is an area that looks fragile to another person. If you carefully examine this area, you will see it’s not fragile at all, but actually stronger than you could imagine. Most of the time you overlook that area because, in a natural sense, you say it’s weak because someone tells you that you are weak in that area. Sometimes you are, but most of the time you are not. That area is you mind; it is more powerful than you could imagine.

Carl Mathis, author of Life is what you make it - seven steps to moving forward
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