What is life?

Life is precious and tender

It’s fragile like a baby in its infant stage. It needs to be handled with care and concern in order for it to blossom into something marvelous. It needs to be handled with love and tenderness. This may sound strange to a person who thinks that life would last forever, but reality ensures that we come into this small and complex place call the planet earth for a short time. And one day our number will come up and you have to depart into a different place. You must take care of yourself while you’re here.

One day you are here and the next you vanished into a total different glory. You need to make the most of the time that God allows vacation on this earth, because tomorrow is not promised, even for the wealthiest and most famous people. Take some time to enjoy life.

Life is like a notebook

Life’s notebook has limited pages inside it. Each page represents a specific day and time for a special task. You carry this book wherever you go, your everyday activities is noted. At the end of you road, your book is open and read out aloud so you could hear what you have done during you lifetime. You will be evaluated by not how long you live, but by how well you live.

You must treasure your time with all diligent and carefulness. Unfortunately you cannot stop the day from moving forward; if you do nothing with your time, it will run over you. Then you are left with only memories of what was or could have been done. Make use of your time.

Life should never be based on accomplishing only material things.

Of course, success should be attainable but not worshipped, acquire but not seek after; real success is more than riches by itself. Remember that riches are what you have, but wealth is what you are. You have all the ability to create wealth for your family; you have the opportunity and the creativity to make a better and prosperous life. However, be careful you don’t fall into the trap of seeking after possessions and neglecting what’s more important

Many people have built a chamber into success, only to find out at the last moment they wish they would have spent more time with their family. The kind of vehicle you drive or your prestige title means nothing at the end of your life; It’s like putting the quality time and dedication to your family to the side.

Although we should and must achieve curtain goals, and we teach about how to do that effectively, what’s more important is how we fill the space between entering and leaving Mother- Earth. Our time is set by God and we cannot change that. We cannot un-age the age or stop the time. What we can do is control the thing we have control over, change what we can change, and that of what we cannot change because we live with it. In the end, you are no more than the things you have done, the places you have visited, and the events that occur in your life.

Life is just a notebook of moments which have been drafted down. It does not matter how long it takes to fill your notebook. All that matter is what you accomplish during the space from past to feature. In others words, what you do while you are in the presence.

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Motivational Speaker/author Carl Mathis, author of life is what you make it – seven steps to moving forward.


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