Make the decision to move forward with your life.

The unexpected happened to you, Someone special and dear to you has been taken from your life by tragedy or just maybe an unfortunate situation, and your heart is broken into pieces. Searching for that certain thing to mend it back together has not been easy. I am so very sorry for your loss, and wish to extend my deepest sympathy and prayers to you and your family. I may not know the specific of your situation, however, I can sympathize with your loss because I also loss my wife about five years ago and had to cope with the obstacle of grieving and moving forward.
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I realize that you probably are in the midst of one of the most painful and trying experiences that you can possibly endure, and no one can really know of your pain. I know that you will never forget what happened, and the memories will never leave you, nor should they. However, the objective is to move forward, and not to let this be the cause for you to decay and shout down to not.
The way life operates can sometimes confuse the human mind. We find ourselves sometimes doing things we know will lead into something that is not so beneficial for our life. However, the interesting issue is that our brain is limited. Why?
Studies show that only part of your memory surface can be activated at any one given time.
This limited attention span is extremely important for it means that the activated area will be a single coherent area and that single coherent area will be found in the most easily activated part of the memory surface. The most easily activated area or pattern is the most familiar one, the one which has been encountered most often, the one which has left most trace on the memory surface. And because a familiar pattern tends to be used, it becomes ever more familiar. In this way, the mind builds up that stock of present patterns, which are the basis of code communication.
In other words, whatever you continually think about will control your activity.
If life has dealt you an unexpected situation, accept the situation and use it to your advantage. In other words, your situation is designed only to show you how strong you could be if you just accept what it is and continue to go through your process of moving forward.
Do not let the situation be your downfall for life. Not accepting the situation will create a spirit of unhealthiness, so what you want to do come face to face with whatever challenges you are facing and tackle it head on.
Motivation author/speaker Carl Mathis
Author of Life is what you make it – seven steps to moving forward
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