Finding Time for God: Tips for Busy Mom

Taking on the role of being a mom means making a lot of sacrifices and changes in your life. Your fancy cars will be traded in for mini-vans or family utility vehicles. Your social lives will go from dinners and cocktails with girlfriends to PTA meetings and soccer games. The most important change of all is realizing that you have lost most of the time you once
had to yourself and devoting your daily hours to caring for your family. When you’re a mom juggling several tasks daily, one thing that easily goes out the window is your devotion to God; spending time to pray or just talk to Him. The sad thing is, we never wanted to push our relationship with God to the side in view of our families, but somehow this is what happens.
So what do you when you feel like you’re pulling away from God and want to rekindle that relationship with Him? Here are a few tips busy moms like you can follow to nurture your spiritual life.
Ask for Help 
            Begin your journey to reviving your spiritual life by turning to God for help. Ask Him to help bring you back into spiritual fulfillment by feeling His presence in your life. Don’t think that this is a bad thing. God wants you to reach out to Him and believe that He can help you! If you don’t know how to go back to Him, the best thing to do is ask Him and believe that He will pave the way for your reunion.
Make It an Important Part of Your Day 
            Moms often say that because of everything they do, they can’t seem to squeeze in a few minutes to talk to God. The truth is, though, if it is important to you, you can make the time. Analyze your daily routine and schedule and evaluate when you have a quiet moment—perhaps it is when your kids are asleep, or when you are waiting for your husband to get home from work; perhaps it’s the few minutes before taking a shower that can be considered your quiet time. No matter where you are or when you are free, set that time specifically to pray or read the Bible to fulfill your spiritual obligations.
Involve Your Family 
            One of the best ways to ensure that you nurture your spiritual life is to involve your family in those practices. This way, you all gain an understanding and appreciation for spiritual fulfillment and a relationship with God. You also won’t have to worry about anyone interrupting you in your praying or reading. When you involve your family, it even becomes much more valuable and nurturing, as everyone in the family is living in caring for their spiritual well-being.
Being a mom is no joke and it is never easy to sneak a moment for yourself. However, it can be achieved if you have enough desire to get certain things done. Apply the same philosophy and outlook when it comes to God.
Written by Carl Mathis, author of Pursuing Your Purpose. Visit Carl’s website at


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