Mind Power Training: How to Discover Your Divine Purpose

When we feel misaligned, without passion or rhythm, we’re not being guided by our spirit. Many people are influenced by the needs of others, the paycheck that supports them and the demands that dominate them. On this path we eventually live like slaves to a man-made system. We chase the goals of others instead of pursuing our own dreams. We deaden our despair with the next purchase, pill or ill-gotten gains. We do what we think we should instead of living beyond what logic alone can dictate.

God is always speaking to us. Giving us clues, insight and direction about the reason why we’re here. It can be difficult to hear His still small voice because of the many things that can distract us, but with intentional effort and a few minutes of quiet time each day, we can be still and know God’s purpose for our life. When we know God, and we hear God, our talents start to feel energized. We awaken with excitement and expectation. We are downloaded with divine ideas and next steps. We hear the answers to our burning life questions like:-Why I am here?

-What should I do next?

-How can I make my life more fulfilling?

-What makes me happy?

Without times of stillness, there will be feelings of disconnect, despair and foreboding that result from living outside our divine purpose much like a light bulb without a lamp. But when we cultivate listening to our spirit and ultimately follow it to realize our purpose, it is the feeling of fitting in, like a piece in a puzzle. It feels peaceful. From it comes the innate satisfaction of giving the gifts that you and you alone can contribute to the world.

Being spirit driven is fundamental in finding your direction—both big and small. Whatever you do with your life, it should honestly be the outflowing of who you uniquely are. That way, you don’t have to work hard to manufacture it. It’s best when it is organically and artistically an outpouring of your gift, your talent, your perspective.

Motivational Speaker Carl Mathis, author of "Pursuing Your Purpose" (The Series) http://www.carlmathisbooks.com


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