"Pursuing Your Purpose -How to Discover God's Revelation For Your Life"

In the blink of an eye this can be taken away from you. Yes, we know that there’s a starting and an ending point to our lives, but if you open your notebook of what you’ve accomplished, would you notice an increase in all that God has entrusted to you with? Many times I’ve heard people say, “I wish I could do it all over again,” or “if I had a chance I would do it differently.” Well it’s never too late? If you are still among the living, you have adequate time to accomplish the things that you might’ve missed during your neglected moments.

      It was on a Mother's day when I decided to take my boys to the cemetery to place flowers on their mom’s grave. While visiting the grave, memories of the past came forward and I began to reflect on how at an early age she was taken away from this world. Dying at the tender age of thirty-six, she did not have enough time to do all that she wanted while she was alive. Yes, there were good and bad times too but I regret none of them because we endured and they helped us to be strong until the end. I just believe that her time on this earth was cut too short.
      As I looked at her tombstone it only told a story of her arrival and departure, I realized that nothing significant of what she had done was written on that stone plate. It was just her name, her birth and her death. This also made me realize that our life is really worth nothing after we’re gone from this world. You’re just names and dates carved into stone. The moral of this is that while you’re here, you must pursue purpose to its fullest, until you’ve nothing left to give. Make it profitable and worthwhile, not for vanity and temporary possessions but so that the final examination of your notebook will please God.
"Pursuing Your Purpose"I wanted to shere these few lines from my new book with you all "Pursuing Your Purpose - How to Discover God's Revelation For Your Life" (I think this will truly help us all when Pursuing Your Purpose


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