Out of control could also be the result of a premature decision made by a person, someone that did not take the time to explore all options, or just did not think before they acted. There is a particular story in the Bible about a father and son, which shows how out of control could be the result of making a decision to do something before the appointed time. In this story, you will get an idea of what not to do, while at the same time learn what to do.

The story goes like this. A young man made a decision to confront his father concerning the inheritance that his father had in place for him. This was a mistake the young man made. What the young man did not know was inheritance is exactly what the name said, inheritance, which means a person has to die for someone to inherit. However, if a person received the inheritance before the person dies, then it is not called inheritance. It could be called a gift, or a willing blessing with a portion of what’s to come in the future. That’s because inheritance is for future use, which will enable the person or persons to carry on their life.

This young man demanded that his father to give him his potion of his inheritance. He was not willing to wait for the death of his father. Was the young man a hot head, maybe so? Was he too anxious and think he knows it all, most likely. However, this is the case of an immature decision made with the intention of a selfish motive. When things like this happen, look out, because no good thing in going to come from a decision like that.  
The young man’s father decided to give his son what he asked for. Was the father too soft and gave into his son? That’s a question I want you to answer.

However, the way that God works when it comes to you fulfilling His wills in your life, it sometimes looks confusing to the natural man. This is why the Bible says without faith it is impossible to please God. Never try to understand God and his thinking capability. Just obey His word by the guidance of the Holy Spirit and trust that He will lead you in the right path. So, by the father giving his son what he wanted, although it may look like the father, should not have done that, the lesson that the son will learn, surpasses what people may say about his father. The young man’s father had enough faith in God that he knows what the end result would be if God were involved.

It is through faith and patience that God’s promises are to be obtained. Patient conviction that God’s word is to be trusted will bring the believer through times of perplexity. So the young man’s father knew exactly what he was doing.

The young man took what his father gave him; left his father’s house, with another false intention that everything is going to be okay. The young man was partially right and a lot wrong. In other words, before this thing ever gets to be okay, he will go through a lot of pain, frustration and a whole heap of anger, which could have been avoided, if he would have obeyed his father. 


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