Being able to control or avoid the things that come up in an unknown form, such as an unexpected tragedy or some form of discomfort in your life, is a challenge in itself. Predicting what will happen to you in the future is a job for only God, although we make many attempts claiming that we know what tomorrow brings. Reality is that we have no control over what happens.

For too long, many have repeatedly asked themselves this question: How did I allow this situation to enter my secret circle of life? There was a time when they could recognize and deal with a situation before it occurred, but this one sneaked in under their radar right before their very eyes. Now they are faced with having to deal with this situation. However, there is a solution.

The way life operates can sometimes confuse the human mind. We find ourselves sometimes doing things we know will lead into something that is not so beneficial for our life. However, the interesting issue is that our brain is limited. Why?

Studies show that only part of your memory surface can be activated at any one given time.

This limited attention span is extremely important for it means that the activated area will be a single coherent area and that single coherent area will be found in the most easily activated part of the memory surface. The most easily activated area or pattern is the most familiar one, the one which has been encountered most often, the one which has left most trace on the memory surface. And because a familiar pattern tends to be used, it becomes ever more familiar. In this way, the mind builds up that stock of present patterns, which are the basis of code communication.

In other words, whatever you continually think about will control your activity.

If life has dealt you an unexpected situation, accept the situation and use it to your advantage. In other words, your situation is designed only to show you how strong you could be if you just accept what it is and continue to go through your process of moving forward.

Do not let the situation be your downfall for life. Not accepting the situation will create a spirit of unhealthiness.

How do you do this, mentally?

The mental pattern is a memory trace formed in your brain tissue to record something that you have experienced. As you see, hear, feel, smell, or taste something over and over again, your brain builds a pattern of it. When you experience it again or something similar to it, your brain activates the existing memory trace or patterned thinking and you go on autopilot.

Let’s simplify this. What you think about the most will eventually be the dominant force in your thinking capability. This will be the result of which direction you are going to take, or whether you will accept the situation and move forward with your life.

Choose something that makes you smile and makes you happy--then think about it on a daily basis.

Realize that you are not the only one with unfortunate situations and circumstances. In most cases, your situation may be small compared to others. Everyone has some kind of challenge in their life. Everybody is busy with their own life. So you too need to come to the conclusion that it’s all up to you and only you. You have the ability inside of you that can enable you to achieve anything you want or need; all you have to do is use that ability.

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