It all started with pleasure, you and her in enjoyment, red roses and candle light dinners, not thinking about the after shock. After many and many cuddles, and role-around in the bed under the street, you were not thinking about the result. However, you have now planted a seed. Your sperm have made contact.
First it was weeks, and then months and months while your seed in growing on the inside of the family’s body. You listen to the sonogram and gently massage her stomach in the midnight hour. You went along with the doctor’s visits. Then it was the ninth month. Here comes the manifestation of the seed that was sown. However, that was the easy part, which was the beginning stage into father hood.
After hours and hours in the delivery room, you were waiting patiently to become a father. Suddenly the cry from a baby, which said you are now the father of a healthy baby boy, or maybe it was a girl, o well, doesn’t matter. However, your pray have just been answered, a baby boy. The glow and the smile on your face revealed that you are happy and proud. This was a good beginning.
Then comes the early stage of providing for you son, you still hanging around, that’s good. Changing his pampers and rocking him to sleep was no problem. His first and second years was not bad at all, you could handle it. As years pass by, them your son reaches the teenage age. This is the time he needs you the most, but you neglecting to do your most secret duty of the work. This is when you teach and directed him in the right direction of a young man.
Teenage years are the prime time to impart life integrity into young men, thus, they makes their own decision. Fathers must take responsibility for the young men who are lost due to neglecting father duties. It’s never too late to do the work, so kept this in mind; life is what you make it. Go a head and start now.

This article was written by Carl Mathis
Taken from the book in title “LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT” Build a better life for you and your family. www.carlmathis.com


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