Five Ways to Live a Life of Purpose

Five Ways to Live a Life of Purpose

          Living a life of purpose is never easy. It can be tempting to simply drift through life and allow whatever happens to take you wherever it please—in short, to simply go with the flow of life. Yet as people this cheats us from fulfilling ourselves and developing our full potential. It is important we live our life filled with purpose

1. Actively choose!

          Living a life of purpose means really choosing to live life to the best it can be. You choose to commit to a purpose—whatever purpose it may be—through thick or thin, because you realize that this purpose has value. For Christians, people have eternal purpose and value—we are made for something far more, and far beyond us and bigger than us in scope. Therefore, if we really wish to pursue this, to be part of something amazing with the rest of the world, we need to actively choose to participate and go for it.

2. Understand our purpose

          It is not easy, but of course understanding your purpose will help you live out your life with more purpose! Going through workshops, seminars, prayer, and reflection can help you understand further your purpose. Read Scripture, talk to others, find your niche in the world!

3. Pray, pray, pray!

          Prayer is a necessary aspect of understanding one’s purpose. It is easier to understand why and how to do our purpose when we understand also Who gave that purpose to us. God wants what we want—he wants us to be fulfilled people, a free people, a happy people, a good people. When we understand the God who gives us eternal value and purpose, we can also understand then why we have to do our purpose and how we fit into the greater scheme of things, making it easier to live our life with purpose.

4. Form a community or group

          Living out your purpose can be difficult, but with support, things can be a lot easier. Forming a support group or finding a community that also values purpose and living out one’s vocation can help you live your life more purposefully.

5.  Know that pursuing your purpose will entail difficulties

Sometimes it takes awhile, sometimes it will suddenly fall into place in seconds. It is different from person to person, but rest assured that if you continue reflecting on who you are and what you can do in this world, your purpose will become clearer and clearer to you each day. Rest assured that that is part of what it means to live a life of purpose, and we need to continue to soldier on despite some who may be cynical about what we do, or those who actively object and go against what we do. Our purpose is to do the good through our work, and so despite people who may say that we cannot change the world or live a purposeful life, we ought to continue living our lives with purpose.

Written by Carl Mathis, author of “Pursuing Your Purpose – How To Discover God’s Revelation For Your Life” For more from car got to 


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