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Two people come together and make one flesh. A man and a woman join together for many reasons. Communication and interaction can lead to magic in the air that is not easily forgotten. Some say they see stars and are taken into a new atmosphere when intercourse occurs. But do you really know who the person on the receiving/accepting end is?

How important is relationship to you? What would it take for you to be happy, concerning someone you intend to spend the rest of your life with? Would money do it? Would good looks do it? How about a great career—would that do it? Maybe you are just looking for a good man to treat you like a lady, the way a lady is supposed to be treated. Then again, maybe it’s not a good man you are looking for. Maybe it’s just a lady, someone that would support you and be by your side. In this short but sweet letter, let’s see if this is what you want out of life.

Would you like to have intercourse with God? Are you willing to get pregnant and …


Let’s simplify this. What you think about the most will eventually be the dominant force in your thinking capability. This will be the result of which direction you are going to take, or whether you will accept the situation and move forward with your life.

Choose something that makes you smile and makes you happy--then think about it on a daily basis.

Realize that you are not the only one with unfortunate situations and circumstances. In most cases, your situation may be small compared to others. Everyone has some kind of challenge in their life. Everybody is busy with their own life. So you too need to come to the conclusion that it’s all up to you and only you. You have the ability inside of you that can enable you to achieve anything you want or need; all you have to do is use that ability.

For too long you have neglected to do so. Maybe you were ignorant in your thinking. That means you just don’t know, but help is here right now. I want you to overcome your struggles so you can …

Author writes second book to inspire others

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Author writes second book to inspire others: By Gary Alan Ruse


Cutler Bay resident Carl Mathis, a minister and elder at Holy Ghost Tabernacle Ministries in Goulds, brought out his first book in March of last year after overcoming a personal tragedy. That book was Life Is What You Make It: Build a Better Life for You and Your Family.

“When I lost my wife in December of 2005, my life took a dramatic turn for the worse,” Mathis said. “Trying to raise three boys while grieving was not an easy task, so in a sense, I could sympathize with someone who may need to know that if I could tread the path of difficulty and come out victorious, they could also.”

His new book, Life Is What You Make It: Seven Steps to Moving Forward, will be published on Aug. 17 by Tate Publishing. The 104-page paperback will be available through and other booksellers.

“As I look around I see so many people who have lost a loved one or somebody who is close to them, and they are havi…